Congratulations on LYC's successful launch of the Pancake Exchange

    Lycc subcoin LYC contract address open source. Pure, security-based smart chain. A new blockchain with a mature environment for developing high-performance decentralized applications, LYC refers to the ecocurrency that is enabled for LYCC buyback destruction。

It aims at cross-chain compatibility with money security chain to ensure that users can have both advantages of the algorithm protocol, with open source, no licensing, highly scalable, decentralized and so on. Among the many problems faced by blockchain, the interoperability of blockchain greatly limits the application space of blockchain. Regardless of the public chain or private chain, cross-chain technology is the key to the realization of value internet, it is the good medicine to save the blockchain from the scattered islands, and it is the bridge to expand and connect the blockchain outward, can produce rich cross-chain financial applications。

YC currency security chain contract address


Warm Tips: 1, the above explanation for reference only, do not make any suggestions. 2. Before investing, it is recommended that you understand the risks of the project first, and understand the information of the investors, investment institutions, chain activity and so on, instead of blindly investing or accidentally entering the fund plate. Investment has risk, enter the market must be cautious。