Decentralized application

De centralization application (Dapp) generally refers to running on a distributed network, and the information of the participants is protected by security (or anonymity). From the perspective of Ethereum, it is a transaction agreement, a contract or a combination contract executed according to the conditions set on the blockchain.

 DAPP has different definitions for different people.

General definition the general definition of DAPP is an application that runs on a distributed network, the participant's information is securely protected (or anonymous), and decentralized through network nodes.

 Ethereum definition

 Ethereum defines smart contract / DAPP as a transaction protocol, a contract or a combination of contracts executed according to the conditions set on the blockchain.

 Collaboration white paper definition

 The collaboration white paper provides what they believe is a more rigorous definition of DAPP. In their view, DAPP must have three characteristics:

1) The application must be open source. Most of the tokens issued by DAPP run independently rather than controlled by an entity. All data and records must be encrypted and stored on an open and decentralized blockchain.

 2) The application must generate tokens through a standard algorithm or a set of standards. Some or all tokens may be allocated at the beginning of the operation. These tokens must be used according to the needs of the application. Any user who provides contributions should receive the token reward paid by the application.

 3) The application can improve and adjust its agreement according to market feedback, but all changes must be agreed by the majority of its users. However, in general, each blockchain project will have some different technical views on the composition conditions of decentralized applications.

      DAPP (decentralized application), Dao (decentralized autonomous organization), DAC (decentralized autonomous Corporation), DAS (decentralized autonomous Society) In essence, these concepts become self-management entities due to increasingly complex and automated smart contracts, which are connected to the blockchain through pre programming and finally self programming operations. In a sense, the whole blockchain   two   The agreement itself is   DAPP (decentralized application)   And in blockchain   one   In general, blockchain is a DAPP used to maintain a public transaction ledger.