About us

LYCC is a decentralized deflationary currency based on the money security ecological chain, with a circulation of 1000 trillion pieces. The liquidity mine pool is locked. Each transfer transaction will be taxed by 5%, 1% will be returned to the liquidity mine pool, 1% will be distributed, and 3% will be marketed. Through automation, the application scenarios such as DeFi aggregate financing, cross-chain and decentralized finance, DAPP, later mining and DAO governance of financial payment will be completely autonomous by the community.

Contract address0x7ddd3dc31e285c9fc4b75a268b83b9b2b99a9675

The goal of LYCC is to establish a complete DeFi ecosystem and provide users with complete decentralized financial infrastructure. DeFi (Decentralized Finance), or "decentralized finance", is open, fair and interconnected. Because all actions on the chain will trigger the destruction of the dividend mechanism, and have the characteristics of liquidity transaction mining, specifically, LYCC in the coin holder's wallet will receive the dividend award for each transaction in the world according to the locked blockchain smart contract, which cannot be tampered with to ensure that each coin holder can obtain a fair income. It is a real decentralized smart contract dividend, and each transaction dividend will be automatically paid to the wallet in real time. The larger the number of LYCC in the wallet, the more the interest dividends will be, and the longer the deposit time, the more the bonus will be accumulated, just as people deposit the legal currency into the bank to obtain interest income. Whether it is held for a long time or transferred, traded or circulated, LYCC can generate income. This design is particularly conducive to the allocation of personal and family assets, can effectively resist the reduction of wealth brought by inflation, and realize the steady appreciation of wealth assets. Because the current price of LYCC is extremely low, many holders call it Bitcoin for the poor.

LYCC focuses on providing efficient digital financial asset allocation services, and implements development and improvement in stages. In the first stage, based on the basic cryptocurrency LYCC, we will develop the basic fund management tools and multiple asset allocation smart contract schemes, and provide a variety of DeFi asset investment and financing tools. In the second stage, we will realize the safe custody of a variety of mainstream cryptocurrencies, and realize the fund management services such as rapid clearing, exchange, acceptance and so on in the bank based on DeFi high-speed. In the third stage, DeFi asset multi-scenario efficient payment tool will be developed to realize rapid payment in multiple mainstream cryptocurrencies based on LYCC clearing system. In the fourth stage, realize multiple mainstream cryptocurrency investment and financing tools based on DeFi smart contract and credible acceptance mechanism, and develop customized multi-term, multi-currency and multi-structure complex cryptocurrency smart contract and financial services.





      Lycc complies with regulatory requirements. This statement does not involve any investment suggestions that do not constitute advice or solicitation of securities or any other regulated products in any jurisdiction. Lycc will appreciate to some extent, and there may even be a risk of depreciation.